Smile Train Story: Isha(A Life Transformation)

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Patient Name: Isha

Date Of Operation: 07/04/2016

Isha was going to Amritsar with her father in a bus from a village in Kangra with a ray of hope in her eyes for the correction of her cleft lip scar and with this hope was connected her dreams of pursuing her career in city. Although Isha had five previous surgeries, it was not enough for her, as she was dreaming her career after her senior secondary exams from a Kangra village to Kangra city and she was not having enough confidence to face the college life with her lip scar which was the greatest hindrance between her and her confidence. She had her lip and palate fixed in her early childhood which was done in a local hospital and it was a botched up surgery.  Her last two surgeries were done in a smile train accredited Amandeep Hospital at Amritsar which was Alveolar Bone Grafting and Rhinoplasty. She was very happy with the results of her Rhinoplasty but her lip was not satisfactorily done in her childhood and that was the matter of concern for her as she was studying in senior secondary school in the village and wanted to pursue her further career in the city. The lip asymmetry and the lip scar were shattering her self-confidence.  She told her father about the matter and her father decided to get her lip revised at Amandeep hospital, Amritsar. The procedure was done under local anaesthesia and they got discharged very next day. Isha was very happy to see her lip after suture removal. Her confident smile and glittering eyes showed that she was  now ready to conquer the world.





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