Smile Train Story : A New Born Baby

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A New Born baby

Bhupinder was working abroad for last 10 years to earn his livelihood. When the matter of his marriage came, he and his parents finalised an Indian girl so that his Indian values were carried forward. He was married happily to Surjit Kaur for the last 5 years and it was a big day for them as he was waiting for the news of their first new born outside the hospital. When he got the news of the arrival of daughter girl he was very excited and keen to see the face of his daughter. When he saw the face of his daughter he was stunned as his daughter was born with her lip and palate cut on both sides and a large central lip segment was protruding from her mouth. Parents were in tears and they were hopeless to get her daughter’s frightful deformity treated. Father had to leave to get back to his job. Meanwhile Surjit had lost all hopes of treatment of her daughter’s dreadful condition. Then she met with a neighbour who told her that this deformity can be treated well in a smile train accredited hospital and Amandeep hospital was nearest to them. Surjit contacted Amandeep hospital and she was told to come to the hospital. Bhupinder came after 3 months and they both brought the child to Amandeep hospital. Here they were counselled well and told that all the treatment will be free of cost. They were advised the first stage operation of her cleft lip and they got her cleft lip operation done at the age of 3 months. The results brought the ray of hope in their eyes as her both side cleft lip was closed nicely. Bhupinder and Surjit were delighted and happy to see their daughter just like other children.





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