Smile Train Story – Tarsem Singh

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Tarsem Singh, 25 years male  is a farmer by profession, in Kotkapura area of Faridkot district. Tarsem was born with a congenital deformity in which his upper lip was cut on both the sides. He was operated several times in various hospitals with botched up results, in fact his upper lip tissue was totally damaged and there was no central upper lip to be repaired. He was psychologically very low, economically poor and lost all hopes of living his life normally.

smile train amandeep hospital

After losing hopes from all sides Tarsem accepted his deformity as his destiny till the day when one of his friend advised him to visit Smile Train accredited center, Amandeep Hospital Amritsar where such cases are done routinely and all these procedures are done free of cost through the NGO Smile Train.  He came to Amandeep hospital and he was examined by expert team of surgeons. After complete examinations he was diagnosed as a case of secondary bilateral cleft lip with inadequate tissue in the upper lip and advised to undergo staged lip revision surgery in which tissue from his lower lip would be taken for the reconstruction of the upper lip.

Initially the idea was frightening to Tarsem but after the doctors showed the photographs of the previously done similar cases, he was convinced and agreed for the surgery. His lip surgery went uneventful and after 21 days his lips were separated. It was like a new life for him. He was not able to recognize his own face. He was happy as now his dream of living a normal life in the society, getting married and living happily ever after would become true.

smile train amandeep hospital

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