Head & Neck Cancer Surgery

Department of Head & Neck Cancer Surgery is headed by Dr. Prahlad Duggal, who is trained from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai in Head & Neck Oncosurgery. He is a pioneer in Head & Neck Surgery in Amritsar region and has a lot of experience in head & neck cancer surgery and various other head & neck tumours. Endoscopic resection of Para nasal sinus malignancies/tumours is routinely being done in the department.

On the academic front also, the department is very active and has recently organised the first exclusive Head & Neck Surgery Workshop in Punjab.


Surgical Treatment For:

Mouth Cancer

Tongue Cancer

Nose & PNS Cancer

Larynx (voice Box) Cancer

Head & Neck Skin Cancer

Thyroid Cancer

Parotid Cancer

Ear Cancer/Temporal Sinc

Neck Tumors