Ilizarov Methodology (The Russian Method of Bone Reconstruction)

Deformity Correction Reshaping Procedure

The device is a circular ring fixator modular, multidimensional, multi planer in construction, which allows early weight bearing and early mobilization. The major advantage of this procedure is that the apparatus provides adequate fixation. While the bone is recovering, the patient can remain active and mobile.

Limb Lengthening

The procedure consists of an initial surgery, during the bone is surgically fractured and the Ilizarovor other limb lengthening devices are applied. As the patient recovers, the fractured bone begins to grow together. While the bone is growing, the frame is adjusted by means of turning the nuts, thus increase the space between two rings. The patient can bear full weight on this frame.

Hexapod (Next Generation Software Based Ilizarov)

We are using computer Ilizarov surgery for bone deformity correction and reconstruction. Our centre is one of the few centre in the country using this method for bone reconstruction.


Unique Case


39 yrs old male got grade-3 injury due to RTA 15 months back initially treated with ext. fixator and casting presented to us with progressive Varus and Procurvatum deformity from last 4 months